Speakeasy Café
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Speakeasy Café: The Premier Coffee Shop in St. Louis

A two-story premium coffee shop in St. Louis, Speakeasy Café offers a uniquely appealing and relaxing environment you will not find anywhere else. We take pride in our delicious baked goods and coffee in our café. Our commitment to quality and longevity inspires us to listen to what our customers want and provide a wholesome place for individuals and families.

Coffee and tea have a significant place in our lives. They warm our morning commute and connect us with our co-workers. During an afternoon walk, coffee and tea give us a reason to escape. They’re also an everyday pleasure that invites us to try something new, learn something unexpected, and experience something extraordinary, if only for a moment.

Thank you for being so interested in our premium coffee shop and pastries. We can’t wait for you to visit us!
Cafe Interior

Our History

Never underestimate the power of coffee. Since the establishment of coffee shops in 1632, we have been inspired to unlock the benefits of coffee. In its nature, tradition, and ceremony, coffee stimulates the mind, unlocks endless potential, and brings communities together. It is a medium that’s simultaneously comforting and provoking. Whether you’re aware or not of its narrative, coffee is a story that starts with the farmer and ends with you. Speakeasy Café is just another part of this intricate coffee chronicle.

Speakeasy Café is a symbol of translation from the coffee beans to your brewed cup. Our mission is to make this transition as honest as possible: in our roasting, brewing, knowledge, actions, words, exclusivity, equality, and politics. We prepare the coffee for you; you write the next chapter in its history.

Cafe Interior With Tables and Chairs

Our Supplier

Please visit our supplier, CoffeeFreshAF

Our Baker

You may also check out our baker, Ain’t Muffin to It Bake Shop.

Barista Steaming

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